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Cloud Protector Works On Custom & Most Popular Platforms Including:


Protect your online business against OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities with a highly reliable and cutting-edge security solution. No more defacement, denial of service, data theft or DDoS. With Cloud Protector, your site is always up and your reputation secure!


Security through simplicity! Subscribe, redirect your traffic with a simple DNS change and you’re safe. Setup only requires a few clicks, no hardware, no software. Automatically tune protection to your specific needs.


Large or small, your website has to handle a fluctuating number of visitors. Cloud Protector scales with the traffic on your web site. It is fully-automated and highly redundant to maintain performance and adjust capacity during quieter periods to reduce costs. It creates new Web Application Firewall instances as needed.


Improve user experience with page acceleration. Cloud Protector accelerates your website load speed, no matter what device a visitor is using (laptop, mobile or desktop). A Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures fast access to web content, wherever users connect from. Our geo-based policy blocks requests based on their geographic origin, so as to prevent unwanted traffic from consuming your web sites bandwidth, thus optimizing both costs and security.


Do you know if your website is hacked? With Cloud Protector and its visual dashboard, see how your web site is used, and monitor web attacks in real-time to deliver superior protection. With role delegation, several admins can contribute, false positive and resolution tasks can be distributed to various team members.


Cloud Protector stores and processes data in European data centers, thereby precluding data access by foreign governments  – not subject to US Patriot Act and USA Freedom. Be confident in your data with Cloud Protector, metadata about how your apps are used can’t legally be collected and communicated to American intelligence agencies.

Powered By DenyAll, a Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity Company

DenyAll, helps organizations go digital by ensuring user interactions are seamless, yet secure. DenyAll’s cloud services simplify the job of security and DevOps teams throughout the software development lifecycle, as they seek to deliver a safe digital environment. DenyAll is an expert in next generation application security, building on 15 years of experience securing Web applications and services with more than 600 demanding customers and 60.000 applications protected in all sectors of activity.