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  • Includes Business features, plus:
      • Advanced security
      • Anti-DDoS protection
      • IP Reputation
      • Two factor Authentication (2FA)
      • 20 mbps bandwidth
      • Support: email + phone
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  • Business features:
    • Standard security
    • SSL Termination
    • Auto-scaling
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Dashboards
    • 0.5 mbps bandwidth
    • Support: email
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Managed service

Please contact us to find out about the Managed WAF Service available from our partners, which offers advanced features and numerous customization options based on R&S®Web Application Firewall.

Plan flexibility

You can change your plan at anytime should you need more bandwidth at higher security. Once you upgrade, the change will take effect immediately. If your needs aren’t as high, you’re able to downgrade your plan at anytime. The change will take effect the next billing cycle.

Partners welcome

R&S®Cloud Protector relies on partners to take its solutions to market. Managed Service Providers, hosters and cloud brokers interested in selling, delivering or managing R&S®Cloud Protector, please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where is my data located?2018-12-20T15:46:01+01:00

R&S®Cloud Protector relies on Telehouse datacenters. We have opened two datacenters: one in France in Paris and the other in Germany in Frankfurt am Main. Telehouse Paris Voltaire is one of the largest data centres in Paris. It received the “France Oscar Security Award” in 2004 from a leading French security organization for outstanding security measures, and is continuously gaining recognition from the government, mass media and related industrial associations as a prime data centre and colocation site. Telehouse Voltaire is a key hub for 80% of France’s live internet traffic.  In Germany, the service relies on the largest Internet exchange node in the world in terms of data throughput: the “Deutsche Commercial Internet Exchange” (DE-CIX), which connects the networks of different providers and therefore allows a seamless transition between the individual subnets of the Internet.

Which applications need protection?2018-06-06T13:50:12+01:00

Any website or Web Application is exposed to attacks, either directly or indirectly via compromised clients. However main targets are Webmail applications, ERP frontends and collaborative infrastructure portals, as they provide direct access to enterprise critical data. In the meantime any Web Application which deals with sensitive data, such as ebanking, ebusiness applications handling credit cards etc. is an ideal target.

What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)?2018-07-17T12:41:14+01:00

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a software that relies on an HTTP/HTTPS reverse proxy architecture to provide Security (see our security features) and Acceleration (see our acceleration features) for Web applications. By complementing the network security already in place (e.g. network firewalls, IPS, etc), R&S®Cloud Protector can protect protect the entirety of an organization’s Web applications.

Can I turn R&S®Cloud Protector on/off anytime I want?2018-07-17T12:41:34+01:00

R&S®Cloud Protector may be switched on or off very easily, using a simple DNS change, so the effect of the change only depends on DNS propagation time – which can be as little as a few minutes.

How does R&S®Cloud Protector work?2018-07-17T12:42:46+01:00

Make a simple DNS change to route your traffic through R&S®Cloud Protector and you are ready to be protected in the Cloud. R&S®Cloud Protector is a fast and easy solution to protect a website in a matter of minutes. R&S®Cloud Protector relies on a proven Web Application Firewall (WAF) that filters incoming traffic and blocks web attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections.

Why should I trust R&S®Cloud Protector?2018-07-17T12:36:24+01:00

R&S®Cloud Protector is made by Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, a leading IT security company that protects companies and public institutions around the world against cyberattacks. The company develops and produces technologically leading solutions for information and network security, including highly secure encryption solutions, next-generation firewalls and software for network analysis and endpoint security. More than 500 people are employed at the current locations in Germany, France and Denmark.

Am I locked in contractually?2018-07-17T12:37:26+01:00

R&S®Cloud Protector offers no lock-in contract. You will only ever be charged by R&S®Cloud Protector one month at a time. Once you sign up for R&S®Cloud Protector, you’re free to cancel and resubscribe at any time.

Do you re-encode the traffic?2018-06-06T13:57:39+01:00

Yes. Once decoded, analyzed and filtered, the legitimate traffic is encoded again and sent to your web server, so the SSL security can again be used from our Cloud to your web server.

How can R&S®Cloud Protector help me comply with PCI DSS?2018-07-17T12:38:33+01:00

The PCI DSS standard specifies (see official document, requirement 6.6): “Ensure public-facing web applications are protected against known attacks by installing a web-application firewall in front of them”. Therefore, R&S®Cloud Protector – as a best of breed WAF solution – will let you comply with PCI DSS requirement.

My website has SSL, can R&S®Cloud Protector support it?2018-07-17T12:39:16+01:00

If you website is accessed in HTTPS (using SSL to secure the connection), you need to provide R&S®Cloud Protector with your SSL certificate so we can decode and analyze the traffic.