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Livre Blanc : Key considerations when choosing a Web Application Firewall

As the business world becomes increasingly web-based, web applications in the enterprise play a growing role. In large companies, more than 100 web applications are actively used. Nowadays, attackers clearly focus their attention on the weaker and easier to exploit application infrastructure. Web applications actually are the top reason for data breaches.

Livre Blanc : Cloud Automation Handbook

Every enterprise is different in terms of its budget, size, complexity and IT needs. You need to use the form of cloud computing that will work the best for your business. This handbook aims to provide you the information that will help you to make the right choice. It will show how embracing the right cloud computing technology,
infrastructure automation, orchestration tool while securing your applications and APIs in the cloud can help prevent businesses from falling behind. This will in turn help you gain better agility and rapid go to market.

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