Just a few clicks is enough to configure the security protections of R&S®Cloud Protector and protect your applications. Follow the steps below to easily secure your web applications against application attacks (SQL injection, DDoS, etc.).

Deploying and managing a WAF has never been easier.

1. Register to R&S®Cloud Protector

Click the “Free Trial” button to register for the R&S®Cloud Protector platform. Once on the registration page, simply fill out the form with your information. We offer you the possibility to choose the region of your datacenter.

Once you have completed the form, you will be redirected to a page to validate the activation of your account.

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2. Create your password to login to your account

Once your account is created, go to your mailbox. You will receive an email to confirm the account creation and set up a password that will allow you to access the management platform.

For a powerful and secure authentication, we have chosen to use the Trustelem solution to access our console.

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3. Your account is created! Protect your applications in just a few clicks.

Benefit from maximum security! Don’t be worried anymore about defacements, denial of service or data theft. With R&S®Cloud Protector, the sustainability and reputation of your site is guaranteed! You can already protect your applications and get a 14-day trial period to get familiar with R&S®Cloud Protector.

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With R&S®Cloud Protector, the sustainability and reputation of your site is guaranteed

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