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Get effective security for your public facing web applications APIs, within 60 seconds.

Your application security challenges before UBIKA Cloud Protector

Cloud Protector to update the WAF

Need to update the WAF

The longer you delay, the longer you are at risk of outdated components like OpenSSL, TLS, OS.

Cloud Protector to scale in the cloud

Inability to scale in the cloud

Handling increased web traffic is difficult, often resulting in an incapacity to answer all the user requests.

environnements hybrides

The security
of all your applications

The rise of shadow IT applications can go against organizations’ compliance requirements.

What does UBIKA Cloud Protector offer you?

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

No upfront costs. No other investment related to hardware installation, replacement, maintenance, or software upgrades. The subscription based pricing, which depends on consumption, makes it an ideal and flexible solution.

Features and prices
Cloud Protector scale up your business

Scale up effectively with your business

Sudden increase in web traffic? UBIKA Cloud Protector quickly rises to the challenge and easily scales up to meet your additional needs. The entire process is very transparent and completely managed by our infrastructure.

Achieve high availability and performance goals

Thanks to its SLA commitment, UBIKA Cloud Protector will not let you down. It provides robust protection against application and network DDoS attacks. Acceleration, compression and global caching enhances your web site performance.

Cloud Protector high availability
Cloud Protector high availability
Cloud protector provide actionable insights
Cloud protector provide actionable insights

Provide actionable insights for optimized user experience

Gather the logs and export them to a SIEM solution, so that no threat goes undetected. Comprehensive dashboards allow stakeholders to interpret their systems’ operational status quickly and easily.

Use a WAF with built-in anti-DDoS for more security

Protect your websites and web applications now

Implemented quickly and with ease

Deploy in seconds, with minimal administration during run phase. You can simply redirect your application traffic through UBIKA Cloud Protector by changing your DNS settings. 

Owing to the ease of management, API usage and the automatic configuration of the solution, your onboarding experience becomes really simplified.

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